Surrattsville High School Class of 1968
Karl Hartzell
Life has been kind and one very sweet ride for this kid. I discovered and fell in love with Oregon early on (1973). I've pretty much stayed ensconced in this lovely state, except for taking on several notable adventures (both overseas and stateside) and a two year stint of east coast schooling for a second degree. If my non-career employment history has a theme, it's outdoor field work, a preference which took hold with my entry into land surveying years ago. From that profession I transitioned into environmental engineering, river hydrologic studies, and fish habitat assessment projects. At this point in time I still get a kick out of working. I take on small home improvement jobs and work part-time for a Mom and Pop software company. My greatest joy is doing volunteer work, in particular leading grade school kids in interactive outdoor education classes. I fondly hope that I'm helping to plant a much needed, love of Nature, seed!
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